Universal Car Handsome Headrest Holder Hoco CA62 for Smartphones & Tablets 11-22.5cm Silver-Black


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The functional Hoco CA62 car case with unique design will be ideal for a long trip. Attaches to the seat headrest, has an anti-vibration effect, which allows you to stabilize the phone or tablet. The 360 ° rotating head allows you to adjust the device vertically and horizontally and the movable arm will allow even the youngest passengers to use it.
Hoco CA62 is made of very durable and lightweight materials, Aluminum Alloy, Polycarbonate and Silicone.
– Functional and stable
– 360 degree rotating
– Handle range: 11-22.5 cm
– Adjustable head
– Compatible with most tablets and smartphones < br> – Easy assembly and disassembly