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Xiaomi Mi AIoT WiFi Router AC2350 Black


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The Mi AIoT Router AC2350 offers tremendous range and powerful signal.
This means that signal transmission easily crosses wall barriers, while video surveillance and gaming are seamless wherever you are.
The router is equipped with a Qualcomm CPU for more powerful processing and more stable operation. With 128MB of memory, it supports up to 128 devices connected at the same time, ensuring data transfer stability.
Incorporates 7 external antennas and 7 high-performance independent signal amplifiers (PA + LNA), covering an even larger area. Thanks to the AloT standalone smart antenna, you can instantly locate Xiaomi smart devices with one-click network access.
In addition, MU-MIMO technology allows multiple router antennas to serve multiple devices simultaneously, supporting simultaneous data transmission.
Finally, setting up and managing devices via the AC2350 is easy, as it has a variety of practical functions and reliable security.