Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AX1800 RA67 Gigabit Version Dual Band WiFi 6 Qualcomm 5-Core White


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Powerful and fast home router with Wi-Fi capabilities 6 and 4 multi-directional antennas for wide coverage throughout the space. The AX1800 incorporates a Qualcomm processor with 5 cores (the CPU is built using 14 nm technology), 256MB RAM and 128MB ROM. It supports OFDMA signal modulation technology that allows it to send data to multiple devices simultaneously with a single transmission (fixed connection of up to 128 devices simultaneously).
The wireless speed reaches 1775Mbps, which practically means that you can download files in a few seconds. The router supports Mesh networking for powerful networking of multiple routers and total space coverage with Wi-Fi speeds of 6. The AX1800 incorporates powerful cooling, so it offers ideal heat dissipation and stable operation at all times. Finally, the settings are simple and fast, offering the possibility of immediate notification in case of violation.
– Maximum Wireless / LAN Speed: 1800 / 1000Mbps
– Wi-Fi: 6
– Ethernet LAN Ports: 3