Land Line Phone Alcatel TMAX 20 White


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Prioritize comfort and ease of use with Alcatel TMAX 20! TMAX 20 is the perfect phone made for families, as much as for seniors. It has a backlit display (if you put in batteries) which indicates the dialed number or the date and time in stand-by mode. The contrast of the display is adjustable.
– 1 direct access memory key and 10 indirect memory keys (numbers), to call your favorite contacts
– A keypad with big keys to ease the dialing
– A flashing light bar to warn you from incoming calls
– Log of the 16 last dialed calls
– Hands-free function allows you to share your conversations
– Adjustable volume levels (3 levels + stop)
– Adjustable volume of the earpiece
– Wall mount: Yes
– Audio boost key to raise the volume of your handset