Mobile Phone Nokia 225 4G (Dual SIM) Charcoal Black


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Nokia 225 4G Top Design, 4G Privileges! Make the most of the modern Nokia 225 4G. Enjoy 4G network, crystal clear call quality, social media, multiplayer games and more. It is easy to be precise with the keymat keyboard for top performance, the comfortable curved back and the separate function keys. In addition, the glossy deep coat colors offer a high quality finish.
Seize your day with a phone that will not limit you anywhere. With a long-lasting 1150 mAh battery and the durability offered by the company name, the Nokia 225 4G is built to stand the test of time. Try the built-in camera, listen to music on the FM radio and shoot down your game scores. It has the basics like Facebook, Snake, games you can try and buy, and a built-in camera to upgrade your free time.