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Smart Digital iBaby Monitor M7 Lite 1080p Full HD + Wall Mounting Kit


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Take advantage of Combo Deal and get iBaby Monitor M7 Lite 1080p Full HD along with wall mount kit.
M7 Lite is a complete iBaby Monitor system with 1080p high resolution video that every parent should have!
This is a smart tracking system that promotes training, and thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi speaker, it will relax your baby through the sounds of nature, natural noises & lullabies.

-Complete room’s coverage
-High resolution video 1080p with Night Vision
-Wireless speakers

-Diaper & food change reminder
-Dual Band 2.4GHz or 5GHz
The iBaby M7 Lite connects to your smartphone or tablet via wifi, and allows you to have a picture of your baby via high video 1080p resolution at any time even at night! It provides full coverage of the room thanks to the easy adjustment of the viewing angle of the camera up to 360o from the screen of your mobile or tablet! Thanks to the two-way sound, it allows you to listen and talk to your baby while you are away, but also to play your favorite lullabies or stories that you have uploaded to the application. Sound and motion sensors send alerts when turned on and users will receive information about room temperature, humidity and air quality, so they always know their little one is comfortable.

With this wall mount kit, you are able to attach your iBaby Monitor to virtually anything: your baby’s crib, a wall, a shelf, or a table. The kit will help you to keep the monitor secure in the location you need.

Package includes:
– EAN: 866519000463, Smart Digital iBaby Monitor M7 Lite 1080p Full HD
– EAN: 866519000456, Wall Mounting Kit for iBaby Monitors M7 & M7 Lite