Electric Wine Aerator – Dispenser CircleJoy CJ-XFJQ01 Black


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A magic tool for enhancing your wine flavor. This product is easy to separate wine with one click, it is more convenient to pour out the wine, avoiding the embarrassment of the wine label flowing down the edge to stain the wine label. The wine outlet tube of the wine decanter is actually equivalent to a decanter with instant decanting function.
The specially designed air vents above use the Bernoulli principle, when the wine liquid flows through the position of the air vents, the external air is sucked in and quickly merges with the wine liquid, realizing the decanting function instantly. The intimately designed on-off switch on the decanting air vent also allows you to turn the decanting function on and off as needed. By injecting air into the wine bottle at a constant speed, the wine is discharged evenly and smoothly.
– 150 degree precise design of the mouth angle
– 3-section (12, 24, 34cm) retractable wine tube for wine glasses of different heights
– USB port: Micro USB
– Built-in lithium-ion battery. 90 seconds of charging is enough to empty the entire bottle. The battery needs 2.5 hours to fully recharge. When fully charged, 30 bottles of wine (750 ml) are enough.