Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock S6 5200mAh 58W White


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Τhe Xiaomi Roborock S6 is the ideal solution for a clean home with minimal effort.Equipped with multiple precision sensors, strong absorbency, high autonomy and intelligent route calculation algorithm. It is able to map in parallel with its operation, for better route planning and more efficient cleaning.
It has a sensor height detection and can climb small heights (up to 2 cm) and continue its work, so you will not have to worry if it gets stuck somewhere in the house. In addition, if it detects that it is on a carpet, it automatically increases its power to cope with the new data, and when it passes, it returns to normal operating levels.
Using the application, digital walls are defined from 40cm to 10m long, which the S6 recognizes and behaves as if it found a real wall. Thus, it can be kept away from unstable furniture and out of places it should not be located.
Equipped with a 5200mAh lithium battery, it is capable of cleaning for up to three consecutive hours! With advanced noise reduction technology, it has 50% lower noise than the S5.Extremely strong, with an absorbency of 2000Pa.
Finally, the S6 will add gloss to the floor it just wiped, as it has the ability to mop. Simply insert the mop and adjust the amount of water you want it to use.
– Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
– Maximum Suction Power: 2000Pa
– Mapping: Yes
– Mopping feature: Yes
– Dustbin Capacity: 480ml
– Water Tank Capacity: 140ml
– Noise: 50dB
– Voice Control: Yes, Compatible with XiaoAI & Alexa