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Robotic Vacuum – Mop Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot P STYTJ02YM 3200mAh 33W Black


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With the new Xiaomi Vacuum Mop P Robotic Vacuum Cleaner you will always keep your home clean! Offers 3 cleaning functions. Wiping, mopping or both at the same time. It has strong suction, smart navigation and mapping of the space while also protecting the floor from damage.
Thanks to the smart and electronically controlled water tank, it prevents water leakage and clogging of the pump. It is ideal for absorbing solid, liquid and hairy pets.
It also has an advanced laser mapping system for faster data processing and recognition of natural or artificial obstacles defined by you. It can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.
Thanks to the large capacity of the battery it can clean up to 110 minutes, while in case of low battery level it returns to the charging base and continues from where it stopped as soon as it charges. You can activate and configure it through a special application.

– 12 multidirectional sensors to detect different levels on the floor.
– An automatic recharge sensor

– Dust / water tank capacity: 550ml
– Battery: 3200mAh
– Battery duration: 110 minutes / 180m2
– Suction power: up to 2100 PA. < br> – Functions: wiping, mopping, wiping-mopping

– Mapping: laser-LDS
– Processor: quad-core Cortex-A7
– Precision sensors: 12
– Ability to clean dust filters with water
– Laser distance meter LDS with 360 degree detector
– Vacuum management via Xiaomi application.