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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H White


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Air Purifier 3H is the new air purifier that incorporates True HEPA Filter 3 stages, which guarantees the elimination of 99.97% of smoke, household dust, pet skin particles, mold seeds, pollen and other tiny particles ( 0.3 microns).
This is a powerful device with improved CADR (380 m³/h, + 22% compared to the Air Purifier 2S) and effective space coverage up to 126 m² per hour. Its precision laser particle sensor will detect air quality and automatically adjust fan speed.
The OLED cleaner touch screen is reliable and functional. Touch it to change the mode to sleep, auto, favorite, low, medium or high. At the same time the high resolution screen will display the air quality (temperature, humidity, etc.) as well as the condition of the device.
The Air Purifier 3H has intelligent control capability. Thanks to the Mi Home APP you can remotely control the functions of the cleaner, offering you a smart ecosystem in combination with the other smart Mi devices. At the same time, it works seamlessly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control.