Silicon Case AhaStyle PT-P2 Apple AirPods Pro DuoTone Green-Yellow


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Protect your AirPods Pro charging case with this 1.4mm thick Silicon Tone Cover of Ahastyle, specially designed for AirPods Pro! Made of durable silicone, it has a slot in the charging port so it does not need to be removed from the Silicon Cover to charge the case. Thanks to its built-in Dust Cap, it protects the charging slot from dust or dirt. It consists of 2 different parts, one for the body of the case and one for the lid. Its application is very easy and is a safer way to transport your AirPods Pro without adding extra volume! With this Cover you will never get bored with your favorite headphones as thanks to the 2 Silicon Cover of different shades for the case cover, you will constantly change colors!