Hybrid Nano Glass Back Protector Hofi Premium Pro+ Apple iPhone 13 Pro (1 pc)


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The Hybrid nano Glass Pro + is a high quality flexible hybrid glass for the back of the device, which combines the durability of tempered glass and the flexibility of a protective film. Its construction based on ceramic coatings, provides 7H hardness. The upper oilophobic layer eliminates fingerprints, crystal transparency and all this in a minimum thickness of 0.2mm. Perfectly protects the back of the device from scratches and unpredictable falls. It is safe to use and does not crumble in case of breakage.
– Surface hardness 7H
– Thickness 0,2mm
– Easy installation without bubbles
– Dimensions: 128x60mm

2 x guide-stickers, 1 x dust removal sticker, 1 x wet cloth, 1 x dry cloth