Tempered Glass Full Face inos 0.33mm Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G 3D Case Friendly Full Glue Black


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Protect your mobile screen from dust and scratches with something more than a simple screen protector! This is a resistant Full Face Tempered Glass with thickness 0.33mm and hardness 9H which can be placed on the mobile screen providing maximum protection from drops and scratches! It’s Full Glue so it includes glue across the inner surface of Tempered Glass, including its convex surfaces – not just perimetrically – which contributes to the impeccable application of Tempered on your device screen. Full Face Tempered Glass have the specialty that completely embraced on mobile screen without even seeming to wear screen protection! Thanks to color finish, they blend perfectly with the color of your device. It is also made with 5D technology to give better user experience around the edges of the phone. Easy installation without bubbles providing 100% clarity.