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Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Deerma VC25 150W White


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The Xiaomi Deerma VC25 is a rechargeable vacuum cleaner ideal for your home, office, car. With an elegant, minimal design, excellent suction power at 10000pa and weighing 2,5 kg, it is the ideal broom for everyday use.
It has three different heads to choose the right one depending on the space you want to clean.
The soft brush it has, brushes 3000 times a minute and deeply cleans the dust from the floor or the carpet. The bristles of the brush are thin and flexible and do not cause damage to your floor or carpet. The vacuum cleaner motor rotates the brush at a speed of 2500rpm, for which a special system has been provided so that it does not need to be cleaned every day!
The new filtration design combines the great centrifugal force that separates dust and air and then the air will be filtered again by HEPA, so that the air is kept clean.
With a smart battery management system (2200mAh) it provides you with 35 minutes of continuous use with a single charge, which are enough to clean a space up to 120㎡.
Finally, the VC25 Deerma uses 19.5 mm multi-layer sound-absorbing cotton, making the sound softer and therefore the operation of the vacuum cleaner less noisy.