Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1 Single Button QBKG21LM Single Fire Single Rocker White


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The Aqara smart switch is the upgraded version of the traditional wall switch. Provides control of your home’s lighting system from your mobile or remote control.

Main features:
– Connects to your mobile with the “Mi Home” app and enables you to turn on / off your home lights, even when you are at work.
– Automatically switches on when it detects motion (when connected to the motion sensor)
– Automatically illuminates when you enter the house (when it is connected to the door sensor- window)
– Turn off all the lights in your home, from your bed, without walking unnecessarily throughout the house (it works by Aqara switch wireless)
– Easy to install, without replacing bulbs, equipment and circuit.
– Connects to Xiaomi sensors for more functionality.
– The switch can operate up to 50,000 times.

– Wireless connection: ZigBee
– Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
– Power input:: 10A max. 250V AC
– Load output: min 3W, max 800W
– Working temperature: 0 – 40o C
– Working humidity: 5 – 95% RH

Attention!: Connection without neutral