Smart GPS Locator Baseus T2 Pro for Devices/ Objects FMTP000002 White


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It is a smart GPS tracker for small items, suitcases and devices. It is an easy-to-use GPS tracker that saves space. Attach it to your pet’s backpack, bag or collar! It has a built-in bell that will lead you directly to the lost item within 30 meters. The battery lasts up to 365 days. Open the app and check where your lost item is on the map. Activate the bell on your smartphone and the Baseus T2 Pro will let you know with a preset sound where the lost item is. As soon as you move away from the tracker, the app on your smartphone will let you know so you never forget your stuff when you’re in a hurry.
– Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
– Maximum distance: 30m
– Battery: replaceable CR2032
– Dimensions: 32x35x8mm
– Weight: 5g
– Compatibility: Android / iOS smartphones, tablets