Travel Charger Duracell 12W with Single USB 2.4A Black


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With a DURACELL charger you will never run out of battery again! The Duracell Travel Charger with USB A 12W Output has arrived to quickly and efficiently charge your favorite device! Thanks to its USB output, it can be used with any charging cable so that you can charge your Smartphone quickly and efficiently! Its excellent design offers efficiency and practicality as it is very easy to always have it with you in order to use it whenever you need it! Just plug a USB cable into the socket of the charger and power it.

Note: The charging cable is not included in the package.

– Dimensions: 60x60x51mm
– Input: 2,4A
– Output: 5V
– Weight: 73gr
– Warranty: 3 years
< br> With the guarantee of “Duracell” – to never run out of battery!