True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones HiFuture Olymbuds2 Black


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Olymbuds2, New Musical Era! LED Power Display, an effective way to be always aware of your battery life. This unique feature in OlymBuds 2 is a perfect blend of creative product designing and technology. Enjoy the immersive musical experience with OlymBuds 2’s Graphite Inspired audio driver inside and be a part of this journey in your everyday life whether on the streets or office. The Olymbuds2 delivers a perfect bass. Olymbuds2 comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.3, which helps you to be connected always without any lag.
The latest Hall Sensor in this device allows you to get connected with a single flip-up of your charging case on the go. OlymBuds 2 comes with a charging case, which offers up to 30hrs of battery life for long and easy listening on the go. Olymbuds2 comes with the perfect protective combination of NTC, OVP & OCP. IPX5 rated OlymBuds 2 earbuds are water and dust resistant making them the perfect choice for any situation. Outdoors or indoors, always keep the music on. The Polymeric Diaphragm gives a subtle vibration for rich textures to the surface.